How to Keep Your Dog Entertained

dog running in a yard

Dogs love attention, and some breeds are bred with a need to work. This can make keeping your dog entertained feel like a challenge, especially when you have a long day at the office and aren’t able to take them for a walk. To find out how to keep your dog entertained, the animal experts at Rescue Vets share some of our favorite tips!

How to Keep a Dog Entertained While at Work

If you’re in a busy season professionally, you may be wondering how to keep your dog entertained while at work. There are many ways to make sure your dog is enjoying some appropriate fun at home, such as:

  • Doggy Daycare: If you have a long day ahead of you, a trip to doggy daycare can ensure your dog gets the exercise and attention they need to avoid separation anxiety. Alternatively, you can have a dog walker come by to take your pet out for a potty break and to stretch their legs.
  • Puzzle Toys: Keep your pet occupied by giving them a puzzle toy loaded with dog-appropriate treats while you’re gone.
  • Stuffed Kong: Stuff a Kong toy with peanut butter or another treat to have your pet happily licking the day away.
  • Swap Out Toys: Keep toys fresh and interesting by rotating the toys you make available to your dog.
  • Adopt a Friend: Dogs are pack animals, and some require more interaction and attention than others. If you are in a position to afford and properly care for another pet, adopting another dog may be the ticket to keeping your dog entertained.
  • Provide a View: Making sure your dog has a clear view of the outside world can provide stimulation throughout the day.
  • Dog TV: YouTube videos and DVDs catering to dogs offer interesting sights and sounds that can break up the day.
Dog chewing a toy indoors

How to Keep a Dog Entertained Indoors

When you’re home from work, you can use any of the tips above, but you may also want something you can do with your dog. Here’s how to keep your dog entertained indoors when you’re with them:

  • Training: Whether you want to practice obedience work or use clicker training to add some tricks to your dog’s repertoire, training is a great way to challenge and bond with your dog.
  • Scent Games: Learning scent work will keep your dog stimulated and can lead to games of hide-and-seek later on.
  • Dog Massage: Going beyond petting, dog massage can be relaxing to both you and your dog companion. While there are certified animal massage therapists out there to help your pet work through an injury, you can learn some basics online to soothe your pet.

How to Keep a Dog Entertained in a Yard

While getting outside in and of itself can be fun for dogs, there are things you can do to make your yard more interesting for your pet. Our suggestions for how to keep a dog entertained in a yard include:

  • Dig box: If you don’t want your dog destroying your landscaping, consider giving them their own area meant for digging. Think of it like a sandbox, but for your dog.
  • Outdoor Obstacle Course: From using plants and paths to balance beams and tunnels, there are plenty of ways to create a playground for your pup to explore.
  • Splash Pad: Most dogs love water, especially on hot days. You can buy a water feature made just for dogs, or set a sprinkler system to a timer for your pooch to play in.
  • Automatic Fetcher: This toy can keep your dog on their toes and stop them from packing on the pounds while enjoying their favorite game- even when you’re not home!

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