How to Entertain a Cat

Cat playing with a toy

Cats may have a reputation for sleeping, but they’re also intelligent and curious creatures that need stimulation throughout the day. Are you wondering how to entertain a cat? The Rescue Vets team shares some of our favorite tips for how to entertain a bored cat below!

How to Keep Cats Entertained

  • DIY Toys: Cat toys don’t have to be expensive. Empty toilet paper rolls, crumbled newspaper, empty Easter eggs, and more can all be used to create DIY cat toys.
  • Interactive Toys: If it’s in your budget to purchase new toys, opt for ones that your cat can play with on their own- such as balls track toys and toys that cats can jump and grab.
  • Rotate Toys: Keep your current stash of toys interesting by rotating them. Once your cat has gotten used to the selection you have out, switch them out for some new ones you have squirreled away.
  • Boxes and Bags: Keep the box from your latest delivery or paper bag from your grocery run and place them around the house to give your cat new places to hide and explore.
  • Food Puzzles: Outdoor cats are used to hunting for their food. Bring that challenge to your indoor cat through food puzzles filled with appropriate food. This can also help your indoor cat from becoming overweight.
  • Provide a View: Leave the blinds open and consider placing some furniture or installing a cat shelf next to the window so your cat can see the sights.
  • Cat Furniture: Cat trees, scratching posts, and grooming arches all provide ways for cats to carry out their natural behavior in your home.
  • Get a Buddy: Some cats do better with a friend. If your cat gets along with others, and you’re prepared for the time and expense that comes with another pet, adopting another cat can be an easy way to keep your cat entertained and temper separation anxiety when you leave.
  • Clicker Training: Yes, believe it or not, you can train a cat. If you’re looking for a way to bond with your cat and keep them entertained, clicker training may be an ideal activity.
  • Leash Walking: Walks aren’t just for dogs. Depending on your cat’s temperament, they may enjoy time outside on a leash. You can try training your cat to walk on a leash to provide some safe and supervised time outdoors.
  • Cat TV: For the feline that prefers to stay inside, you can find cat DVDs and YouTube channels that stream nature content just for cats!

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